Febtech Spray Nozzle

Wollin Spray Nozzle

Acheson Spray Nozzle

LK Spray Nozzle

  • Simple structure, stable and durable; standardized installation method, easy to assemble and disassemble, modular assembly, suitable or a variety of sprayers.

  • The spray head spray angle is adjustable.

  • There are a variety of nozzles available for the spray head and can be exchanged at will (inner atomization, external atomization, extended type, round type, fan type, etc.).

  • Fine atomization for a small amount of spray; suitable for a variety of liquid sprays, the spray nozzle can adjust the flow independently.

  • It has good temperature adaptability and can be used between 50 0 C and 500 C.

  • The oil has strong adhesion and good ductility, which allows it to cover the blind spots and areas that cannot be sprayed directly.

  • The mold surface temperature difference is small, the thermal stress is small, the mold life is improved, the lubrication performance is good, the push rod and the slider can be better lubricated, and the molten metal flow condition is improved.

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