Die Casting Shot Sleeves

Shot Sleeves for Die Casting,  shot sleeve may become 100-150° C (200-300° F) hotter at the bottom under the pour hole, than at the top in front of the hole. If the temperature of the sleeve is much higher at the bottom than at the top, unequal expansion will cause it to become oval instead of round. This will also cause the sleeve to become slightly bowed rather than straight. This results in allowing some of the alloy to enter part of the gap between the plunger and the sleeve, affecting the seal between the plunger and shot sleeve, and leading to premature wear and inconsistent shot velocity.


  • febtech offers replaceable inserts for shot sleeves when erosion is the main cause of wear
  • febtech has added a post-nitriding process, which has extended the insert life
  • With advanced manufacturing techniques, there are no fit problems as in the past.
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