Nitrogen Degassing Machine


Feb Tech Industries is a leading supplier & manufacturer of Nitrogen Degassing machines. This machine is used for removing hydrogen and other nonmetallic inclusions from molten aluminum. There is a hollow rotor with speed control by an A.C. drive. This rotor is lowered in the molten metal bath, at the same time a fixed quantity of inert gas is passed into the metal through the rotor shaft. The rotor swirls the metal and blows inert gas in small bubbles form into it, causing the inert gas to thoroughly mix into the molten metal and remove hydrogen and non-metallic inclusions.

Key Features :

  • Auto Cover Flux (Granules) Feeder.
  • Baffle Plate Auto Up-Down Movement.
  • Mobile Cum Pillar Unit.
  • Operation Cycle Data Print And Recording.
  • Rotor Shaft Coating Reminder.
  • Cover Flux And Nitrogen Consumption Data.

Technical Specification :

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