Mould Temperature Controller

The mould temperature controller’s  main function is to maintain a desired mold temperature setting appropriate for the component and feedstock combination being molded. The mold temperature controller circulates cooling fluid through the mould  cooling circuits to provide equilibrium to the heat flux experienced by the mould for every cycle. It is common to run separate mold temperature controllers for each mold half. This set-up allows for greater process control and processability. If a hot sprue is used on the stationary half of the tool to bring the molten MIM feedstock to the parting line, this half of the tool requires a greater amount of cooling, thus having a separate controller here will allow the temperatures of the two mold halves to be more accurately controlled.

Febtech’s  Mould Temperature Controller ( Thermo Regulating Unit ) gives exceptional performance on control temperature level.

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Key Features :

  • Auto cover flux (granules) feeder.
  • Baffle plate auto Up-Down movement.
  • Mobile cum pillar unit.
  • Operation cycle data print and recording.
  • Rotor shaft coating reminder.
  • Cover flux and nitrogen consumption data.

Technical Specification :

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