Laser Ceramic Plunger Tip


1. Special cast steel is used as the substrate, and the surface is hardened by laser equipment.
2. The surface has grooves to make the lubricant give full play to the lubricating effect and
prolong the service life of the plunger tip.
3. The normal service life of less than 80mm in diameter is about 10,000 to 20,000 shots, and the
normal service life of more than 90mm is about 10,000 to 15,000 shots.

Sizes :

Dimeter & Length Threading
40 x 90M27 x 1.5 P
45 x 90M30 x 2P
50 x 90M30 x 2P
60 x 90M30 x 2P
70 x 90M30 x 2P
80 x 90M42 x 2P
90 x 90M42 x 2P
100 x 90M42 x 2P
110 x 120M56 x 3P
120 x 120M56 x 3P
130 x140M56 x 3P
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