Dispenser Unit & Shot Beads


We offer a comprehensive range of dispenser units or Shot Beads Dispensers fabricated from most premium raw components. The cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process makes the range most efficient and glitch-free on all counts. We offer a customization facility to suit the specific requirements of clients. 

Key Features (Dispenser Unit):

  • The operation is simple, easy to feed.
  • PLD control, low failure rate.
  •  The size of the feed rate is easily controlled.
  • No matter the size of the particle used smoothly.
  • Alternatively, single and multiple die casting cycles, reduce the number of particles and cost-saving.
  • Quantitative slider with wear-resistant steel, feed accurate, durable, low failure rate.

Technical Specification :

Shot Beads


Product Technical Data Sheet: E

Shot beads are dry-formed plunger lubricant granule/beads, it is designed as a high-performance lubricant compared to traditional lubricant oil for the sleeve and plunger tip of aluminum die casting and magnesium die casting.

Condition for storage and transportation  

Maintain 0 to 40 ° C during storage and transportation to avoid bug damage no use hook.


  • Packed of a plastic bag of 25kg.
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