Die Coat Auto Mixing Unit


Febtech’s Die Coat Auto Mixing Unit is for a stable dilution ratio of the mold lubricant and water, which can feed the compound liquid forcefully to the Automatic Spray unit of any Die Casting Machine.

​The device structure consists of a Dilution or mixing tank to dilute water and lubricants, Storage tank, Regulator, Pumping tank, Stirrer, Fixed quantity pressure cylinder, pressurizing tank, pneumatic equipment, and controllers packed in a common box. Consumption is by a pneumatic operated pressurized tank which force-feeds the compound liquid automatically. Supply of lubricant and water to the mixing tank is done with state of art precise controller and level sensors installed in the tank.

Key Features :

  • Control on-die coat consumption
  • One system is capable to supply multiple HPDC machines
  • Adjustable die coat mixing ratio
  • Tanks and frame are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting
  • Additional safety sensor provided to water overflow
  • Self-diagnosing system
  • Cycle counter show die coat utilization per day & it is resettable
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