Die Coat Spray Guns & Micro Spray Guns


Febtech make Dual Action Hand Spray Gun & Die Coat Spray Gun is ideal for spraying of die coats on forging, die casting and rubber moulding dies where simultaneous spraying of both the dies is desired. The straight pipe helps in easily cleaning and spraying both the top and bottom die simultaneously. With reduced air blast provided by this gun. Both the top and bottom dies can be easily sprayed where the die opening is small. The spray gun has two hose connectors for supply of air and die-coat. It has a liquid control valve for controlling quantity of die coat being sprayed. The long aluminium pipe provides easy access to all parts of die from safe working distance. This gun comes with straight aluminium pipe with nozzle at the end. The spray nozzle has two orifices on opposite faces and provide diagonally opposite spray. Since this gun provides spray on diagonally opposite sides it is very effective in spraying both the dies simultaneously without twisting the spray gun and ensures proper reach and application of die-coat with most economical hand movements.

Advantages :

  • Die casting spray gun use stainless still material, gives long life
  • Flow control adjustable
  • Light weight product for easy handling (weight: 0.500gm)
  • Spray gun aluminum body with heat treatment
  • Easy to use graphite base & synthetic die coat spraying

Technical Details :

  • Working air pressure : 4 to 5 kg / cm²
  • Liquid pressure : gravity feed from tank 1kg/cm²
  • Inlet connection : 1/4″ bsp hose fitting
  • Synthetic die coat spraying
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