Cooling Conveyor


Febtech’s Cooling & Drying Conveyor significantly increases efficiencies in die casting. It eliminates mist in cooling hot die castings, and it replaces water quench and reduces cool down time. It’s designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and is custom engineered from standard components. Both constant speed and variable speed are available.

Key Features :

  • It’s height can be self adjusted.
  • The use of frequency conversion control ensures the more stable traveling.
  • Speed can be adjusted based on the quantity of products.
  • Stainless steel chain plate & carbon steel chain plate can be optional, with dimension & specification customized.
  • The timer control equipped, which can be intermittently or continuously driven.
  • Cooling fan can be installed according to the size of product and customer requirements to accelerate the cooling of the product.
  • The extractor can be matched to achieve linkage.

Technical Specification :

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