Ceramic Disk & Plug


Febtech has developed reaction sintered ceramic products ideally suited for Non-Ferrous cast houses and foundries owing to its extraordinary properties of high thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity & non wettability to most Non ferrous molten metal.

These properties are achieved by combining high purity contents of ceramic in a precision controlled reaction sintered process to engineer a micro-porous micro-structure.

Material & Properties

Excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, Non wettability, Chemical inertness



  • Feeders / Risers / Stalk & Dosing tubes
  • Tap hole plugs and rings


  • Longer service life, can be exposed to molten metal without pre-heating
  • Energy-efficient process, increased process reliability, reduced freeze-offs and improved yield levels
  • Prevents metal adhesion, simplifies cleaning and increased machine availability
  • Increased service life, does not contaminate the melt hence enhances product quality plant efficiency

Key Features :


  • Near Zero Thermal expansion
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Non – Wettability
  • Chemical Inertness
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