Automatic Extractor


The system is applied to the removal and handling of die cast parts produced by die casting machines. in order to satisfy different customers and products requirements, non-standardized grippers for picking and handling parts can be tailor-made to better meet customer needs.

Key Features :

  • Adopt good quality components with low failure and long service life.
  • Multi linkage arm has strong loading capacity; working fast and stable without impact.
  • Driven by motor, controlled by frequency converter & PLC, arm has waiting function, which could improve working efficiency.
  • Adopt Mitsubishi PLC control for stable performance; could supervise every movement, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.
  • The system is equipped with self diagnosing failure alarm function for easy removal problems.

Technical Performance :

  • Main part and electrical components are imported with rate and long service life.
  • The multi bar linkage arm is adopted for strong bearing capacity the imported reducing motor is also used, which is controlled by the imported PLC and frequency converter for stable and free-impact operation at high speed.
  • Due to the use of reducing motor drive arm and frequency converter, the arm can stop at any point within its travel range (The arm moves forward the edge of mould in advance for waiting before the mould opens), to effectively shorten the extracting period, thus improving the production efficiency.

Technical Specification :

Counter Map :

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