QCMS (Auto Die Clamping Unit)


Febtech’s Quick Die Change System is an automatic die changing system. that can be specifically designed for hydraulic and mechanical power presses and press production lines. This system automates the die changing process and provides increased speed, efficiency and productivity to a workshop. The Quick Die Change System not only reduces die change time, but also promotes diverse small batch production runs and streamlines production management.

Quick Die Change Systems are becoming a standard for large manufacturers as they not only increase production efficiency, but also improve the overall working environment. The Automatic Die Change System can be built specifically for your machining requirements and will drastically reduce machine idle time during die changes, boosting your competitiveness. There are also a number of indirect benefits of installing a Quick Die Change System for your hydraulic and mechanical type press machines.

Benefits :

  • Improves production efficiency
  • Reduce product cost
  • Reduce inventory levels and enable prompt delivery
  • Safe working condition can eliminate danger in die/mould setup
  • Interlock system can eliminate miss operation and prevent injuries
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