Febtech Industries is situated in Aurangabad-India, specialized in manufacturing and selling die casting machine equipment and spare parts. We have skillful professional engineers; Combined with innovative manufacturing technology; Carried out the perfect management system, we have become a trusted and powerful new edge enterprise.

Febtech continuous innovation in die casting automation, we import the latest manufacturing technology, audit the machining process; acquire modern components to make the advance, premium quality, and high precision automatic equipment. Due to our high quality and low rates, we are the first choice of customers.

The company has two manufacturing units in Aurangabad-India and has a large sale in India, we have exported our equipment to China, Singapore, Thailand, Iran, UAE & Dubai. We make highly satisfied users of Toshiba, TOYO, Buhler,  Idra, LK, YIZUMI,  Italpresse, and ZITAI die

casting machines. Febtech is certified with ISO 9000-2015 & CE.

Head Office & Manufacturing Plant


CE Certified

ISO 9001-2015



Humble beginnings

Company started in mid of year 1998, at startup period company manufactures engineering customized tooling parts.

Start Fabrication Department

After 2 years successful journey of manufacture customized tooling parts, company started fabrication work for industry.

Started Work for Die Casting

At 2006 company got new vision and company owner is decided to work in one specific stream and domain and company completely moved to Die Casting Industry. first company manufactures consumable parts for die casting machines and also manufacture centralize die coat system and spray gun.

New Machine Manufactures - Nitrogen Degassing Machine

After Taking 4 years experience in aluminum die casting industry parts and products manufacturing, company decide to manufacture new innovative machines for die casting and company started manufacturing of Nitrogen Degassing Machine, and Plunger Lubricant Unit. and started ejector pin production.

Comapny Setup Newer Plant

As per company extreme growth company required big working space for manufacturing and development, that’s why company construct new space for company and working divided in to separate departments.

Started Manufacturing of Auto Die Clamp Unit

Company started Auto Die Clamping Machine Manufacturing, this is one of the advanced and innovative machine for die casting, due to auto clamping machine company get more popularity.

New Machine Manufacture

Start to Manufacture Auto Ladle and Auto Spray for die casting.

New Machines added in company catalogs

Successfully developed Mould Temperature Controller and Jet Cooling Unit.

Ejector Pin Cutting Machine

Developed Ejector Pin Cutting Machine, Improves the process of making shot sleeves. company archives to make quality products with best service policy.
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